Homebound Delivery Service of the East Bridgewater Public Library

The Homebound Delivery Service looks to offer library materials to East Bridgewater residents who are unable to visit the library according to the outlined criteria. Homebound delivery includes the selection of materials by library staff and delivery of those materials by library selected volunteers. All volunteers will be subject to a CORI check. Deliveries will be made to residents of East Bridgewater only.

An East Bridgewater resident requesting homebound delivery must meet the criteria established by the library. A doctor’s certificate may be required.

The following is the criteria:

  • Permanent physical, mental and/or intellectual disabilities that prevent an individual from visiting the library.
  • Temporary physical limitation that prevents an individual from visiting the library and which will last four weeks or longer.
  • Mobility problems that prevent an individual from visiting the library.

Materials will be selected by the librarian that meets the needs and interests of the homebound patron. All attempts will be made to select appropriate items, but the library is not responsible for the content of materials.

Homebound patrons will be issued an East Bridgewater Public Library card and follow all the rules and regulations required of a card holder. Homebound patrons will be held responsible for lost, stolen or damage materials.

If you meet these criteria and would be interested in the homebound delivery service, please complete and return the Homebound Delivery Application to the East Bridgewater Public Library.

You will be contacted to make arrangements for delivery.